Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sunshine day

Where does the time go?  I have so  much to say and yet so little time to write.  The days have been flying by and my girls have been growing before my eyes.  I spent the fall in various doctors' offices.  I am still having daily headaches,  am still battling depression, am still 20 pounds overweight, am  still  living in a house that is hopelessly cluttered and disorganized.  In many ways, life is still crazy busy and I am still treading water.  However, I am seeing a new doctor, am taking a plethora of vitamins, am sticking to a workout routine, have lost almost 15 pounds, have found that I can tolerate acupuncture, and although my desk in the basement continues to feel overwhelming to me, I know that a journey begins with baby steps.  At this very moment, I do feel content.  In 15 seconds, that may change.  The sun is shining today, so that helps.  I feel the love of Jesus shining on me.  I hear "You got a friend in me" coming from the upstairs bathroom as one of the girls take a shower and it reminds me that I put it on one of the tapes I made for Jim when the girls were born.  It is on repeat so I am hearing it over and over.  It makes me smile.  Jim and I have been through a lot.  He is my best friend.  He has loved me through thick and thin.  He stayed when it wasn't easy.  He knows what it means to honor a vow.  I am so grateful that God brought us together and showed us how to tough it out and fight for our marriage.  It has helped us now fight for our health, for our kids, for our lives.  We know we are not done fighting, but at least now we are fighting as a team.  Today is a good day.  Thanks for the sunshine God.  Thanks for the love.