Saturday, February 18, 2012

This is my life

Where does the time go?  It has been almost a year since my last post.  I have been writing a lot, but just not posting. God is growing me in ways I never imagined, and if I could, I would be able to fill several books with all the ways that God is showing me how He is at work in my life- even when it is difficult.  My life is running at full speed at all times, but with four children, a husband, and a big extended family, I expect it to be that way.  I take the quiet when I can, and really try to listen.  We have had some major changes in our lives in the last year, and it has not been easy.  Life can be disappointing.  Even though my world is relatively small as far as I am surrounded by people who at first glance are seemingly just like me, I am constantly amazed at just how different people are once you see what is truly important to them.  Several things have come to light over the past year that have shown me that people are not always who they seem.  In some ways it is good, because I have learned good things about people that I would have never known otherwise.  It reaffirmed that Jesus is the only one who will never let you down or disappoint you.  It still does not make it easier when those disappointments occur.  I have so far to go in my faith, and yet sometimes is seems like I am constantly being broken down to be made stronger.  Just when I think I cannot take anymore, or the whirlwind that is my life is going to finally catch up with me, something happens that fills me with peace or strength or love that sustains me.  I must be wired to need to live at a frenetic pace. I don't know what to do without a full schedule.  God is in control, and He will get me through.  My life is crazy, and it is busy, but it is also fun, and full of laughter and really good people who love much more than I deserve.  It is a rich and rewarding life.