Friday, November 16, 2012

Ordinary Life Extraordinary Gift

I believe that sometimes I get so wrapped up in thinking about what it is that God wants me to be doing with my life that I forget about what it is that I am already doing.  I get caught up  thinking about grand and glorious plans and ways of making big and amazing differences on a global scale that I don't see what is right in front of me.  I have been charged with the honor of raising 4 daughters.  I have made a vow to love a man.  God gave me these gifts.  He brought people into my life and sometimes (oftentimes) I get so caught up in serving others (in the name of serving my family) that I ignore the very people that God gave to me to love first and foremost directly after Him. I am out to change the world and I neglect the people I have been asked by God Himself to raise as His disciples.  Don't get me wrong- my children are by no means neglected- I am with them day in and day out and I cook and clean and am at their every event. However, am I doing the most amount of good I can for them?  Am I being the best example I can?  Am I showing them that being their mom is truly a gift? I want them to know that if all I did in life was to raise them to be godly women then it would be more than enough.  I would have made all the difference I need in the world.  God would have worked through me to do more than I could have ever imagined.  I want my everyday to be enough of a miracle that I count it as amazing.  My prayer is that I allow God to guide my steps and move from knowing that His will be done to living His will.  That is when my ordinary life will become an extraordinary gift.

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