Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

It is an amazing day today. We went to church last night. This morning I got up at 5 and started walking with Jodi at 5:30. We finished 11 miles before 9. Jim was able to sleep until 8. He wants to spend the day working on the deck. Sounds good to me! I want to get things organized!! The sun is shining and I just feel like today will be a great day. I am so blessed that God has made Jim into the father he is. He is so great with the girls and truly enjoys being a daddy. It is a great way to look at how God feels about each of us. He loves us completely and wants only the best for us. He smiles when He sees us. He loves it when we run to Him shouting "Daddy, Daddy" and cling to His legs. He wants to protect us from all harm, but knows there are some lessons that must be learned on our own. He gets frustrated when we make the same mistakes over and over and expect different results, but His love is never diminished. It is perfect and true. There is nothing He will not do for us, and unlike our earthly father, he has the power to do it all. He gave it all to us on a beautiful cross, and showed us how to truly love. No wonder it is a beautiful day!!!

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Amanda Close To My Heart Consultant said...

Thank you for writing. I enjoy your style and am thrilled to have you as a friend. Keep it up Girl Friend