Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am always amazed when I actually stop and reflect upon how God is omnipresent in my life.  I have my shares of trials and my life is far from perfect, but I really have nothing about which to complain.  I am blown away by the goodness of God and how evident His blessings are in my life.  We had a Celebration event at our church tonight.  POP is starting a capital campaign.  It is called the Dei Campaign.  It is an exciting time for our church and for us.  It is a time of sacrifice as all the members of POP are called to give above and beyond for the next 3 years to make a difference.  I am excited to see it play out.  I am excited to be a small part of something so cool.  I can't decide if I am more excited about a new church plant,  a new Hispanic church, the mission tithe, or paying off the mortgage.  It is all so wonderful.  Jim and I are making changes in our own lives as well.  I  feel like we are on a campaign of our own, and it is a turning point in our lives.  I am full of hope.  I know it will not be easy, but I know that God is working with us, and we will be so much better off by being disciplined and changing what we do.    I feel like our marriage is only getting stronger, and the more challenges we face, the stronger we are.  It is a blessing.  I am so in love with my husband and feel so blessed to have him love me.  He is a gift.  When I think about how blessed I am,  I can't help but wonder why God loves me so much.  My husband is my soulmate, I have 4 beautiful daughters who are good and kind and compassionate, my friends support and encourage me  each and every day.  I get to spend my days hanging out at school being with my kids and am surrounded by people who really love God.  It can't get much better than that.  Yet- there is so much more.  Life isn't easy.  It isn't all good.  There are demons that haunt.  There are physical ailments.  There are hardships.  It gets easy to forget that blessings are among the trials.  God does not leave us.  He can use anything.  I am just now beginning to get to the demons in my life with open eyes.  I am seeing how God has been with me through all sorts of things- times when I made poor choices, times that I am still not fully ready to accept responsibility for my actions because they are difficult to face.  Yet this time is different.  I am full of hope.  I know that it will be difficult, but I am ready to start a new road.  I am surrounded by support and encouragement, and God has me in His palms.  He will walk me through it.  It is a new day.

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